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Classic Kiss Videos

Click the links to view the pdf tutorials in your browser or right click and select "save link as" to download them. Scroll toward the bottom of the page for videos.

Kiss Loom Manual - a great place to start to get a good idea on how the looms work and what is available.

How to Use the Kiss Loom - instructions on stitches and how to knit them on the Kiss.

How to Assemble the Kiss Modular Looms

Getting to Know your Modular Loom Settings

How to Cast On and E-Wrap on Your Loom

Non-Loopy/Double E-Wrap Cast On

Basic Bind Off on the Kiss Loom

Purl Stitch Instructions

How to do Bobbles on the Kiss Loom

Cables on the Kiss Loom

SSK and K2tog

yo, ssk and k2tog, yo (alternate method for when slant doesn’t matter)

KFB Increase (Knit into the front and back of stitch)

Skipped Peg Short Rows

Sock Loom Instructions

Sock Loom Worksheet with Negative Ease

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Video Instructions

Introduction and Assembly


How to Assemble the Kiss w/o Wingnuts {youtube}FnwiiCjY7ss&feature{/youtube}

Kiss 2-Way ADJ and the Purling Tool {youtube}-woQYjRxdTU{/youtube}

Cast On's

E-Wrap Cast On and u-Stitch

Double E-Wrap Cast On (non-loopy) and U-Stitch {youtube}vU5amS1BUq8&feature{/youtube}

Long Tail Cast On



Tubular Cast On



Crochet Cast On



E-Wrap Cast On on the Sock Loom



General Stitches

E-Wrap Cast On {youtube}eNMz_3eEiso&feature{/youtube}

Knitting and Purling on the SG Slim

Purling on the Adj Kiss Loom {youtube}x4jOFQ8TJsw{/youtube}

U-Stitch & Purl Part 2 {youtube}bx_oGopw2a0&feature{/youtube}

E-Wrap and Increase on the Adj Kiss Loom {youtube}r9Szet2MQ5I&feature{/youtube}

Decreases and Increases on the Adj Kiss Loom {youtube}c2ipDuhFAvA&feature{/youtube}

Kiss 2-Way Adj Increases {youtube}C74MoxRQsCA{/youtube}

Kiss Looms Rib from 1st Setting to 2nd Setting {youtube}onTldo4k3zg&feature{/youtube}

Mock Crochet Stitch {youtube}l-_dzhRb0LY&feature{/youtube}

U-Stitch w/o Skipping the First Peg {youtube}Au6zaOvymRo&feature{/youtube}

Tuck Ribbing

1x1 cables


Bind Off's

Super Stretchy Bind Off by Graciela {youtube}AwBjt4vm-I8&feature{/youtube}

Super Stretchy Bind Off by Kelly


Basic Bind Off for the Kiss Loom {youtube}dh4cA2lUiAg&feature{/youtube}

Other Techniques

Joining Side Seams on the Loom Part 1 {youtube}niX_NgWvfRE{/youtube}

Brim on the Kiss Loom {youtube}Ki8BQvvFJCA&feature{/youtube}

Neckline and Picking Up Stitches {youtube}MmtQT1TLM4g&feature{/youtube}

Kiss Looms and Heels {youtube}ZNW1mlPya6Y&feature{/youtube}

Tips: The Fabric Doesn't Flow Down {youtube}h3M3AXcHwJY&feature{/youtube}