1 Ft Heirloom Triangle Weaving Loom


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This beautiful 1 Ft Triangle Loom is made of Goncalo Alves wood.  Goncalo Alves is native to South America and ranges in color from light to deep reddish-brown.  This 1 ft Triangle Weaving Loom has 20 pegs per side and can weave a triangle that is 5-6" on the shorter sides and is a standard 1/2" sett.  Weave two layers and crochet the top edges together to make a square!  Use these triangles or squares to make all kinds of projects from scarves, blankets, purses, vests, and skirts.  We'd love to see what you come up with!  Self striping yarn makes a nice plaid-like pattern as you weave a continuous strand from one corner to the next.  Use with #5 or #6 weight yarn for a tighter weave.  Worsted weight yarn will result in a loose weave.Loom disassembles for easy transport and storage. 

Comes with a weaving comb and a pair of crochet hooks (4.25 mm and 5.5 mm). 


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