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Regular Peg Modulars

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Kiss looms for knitting in the \'round\'. The \'round\' looms have the same means for adjustment as the straight kiss. They are made up using modules that will connect at a 90 degree angle or connect them end to end. Please see our Parts & Tools page for corner and straight brackets. This allows sizes from 24 pegs to........well how much room do you have :) Eight 30 peg units connected in a square would be 24"X24". A flat panel made with the med setting would be about 8 feet wide.

With this system you can start with a few parts and then add to them later.

The great thing about the modular looms is that you can attach them together to make a really large loom for making blankets or other projects.  One of our customers has attached 4 60 peg and 4 30 peg pieces to make a total of 360 pegs!  She is making a queen size blanket all in one panel!!!  The Kiss modular looms are the only loom that can do this!!!  Here\'s what Marilou has to say about her project -

"I\'m so excited. I think I found my knitting niche. I LOVE working on this big project. I can\'t wait to finish so I can start another. It is just so satisfying to see the working cone dwindle down row by row. I never, ever would make a big blanket if I had to sew the parts together. I\'m beyond thrilled to be able to make a QUEEN SIZE blanket in one piece. Cliff you are a genius!!!! "

This picture represents 25% done or 25" and 200 rows completed.  The tables are 4\' x 8\'.  Great job Marilou!  We are proud of you! 


Please Note: The regular modular looms are only compatible with other regular modular parts.  They are not compatible with the compact modular looms and even come with slightly different sized hardware then the compact looms.  The straight connectors are longer, but the corners are the same size as the compact modulars.

All orders come with a small handle pick and a small handle purling tool.

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