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Modular Looms

What is a Modular Loom?
A modular loom also has the gauge adjustable feature as most of our looms but is a fixed number of pegs for knitting in the round.  The great thing about the modular looms is that you can build a larger loom using the straight and corner brackets.  Simply attach the modulars together into any number of pegs you need whether you are knitting a flat panel or knitting in the round.  Want to knit a king size blanket in one panel?  This is the loom for you.  Take a look at our modular instruction manual here.

Please see our Parts & Tools page for corner and straight brackets.  Modular sets come with corner brackets.  Straight brackets are sold separately.

With this system you can start with a few parts and then add to them later.

The great thing about the modular looms is that you can attach them together to make a really large loom for making blankets or other projects.  One of our customers has attached 4 60 peg and 4 30 peg pieces to make a total of 360 pegs!  She is making a queen size blanket all in one panel!!!  The Kiss modular looms are the only loom that can do this!!!  Here's what Marilou has to say about her project -

"I'm so excited. I think I found my knitting niche. I LOVE working on this big project. I can't wait to finish so I can start another. It is just so satisfying to see the working cone dwindle down row by row. I never, ever would make a big blanket if I had to sew the parts together. I'm beyond thrilled to be able to make a QUEEN SIZE blanket in one piece. Cliff you are a genius!!!! "

This picture represents 25% done or 25" and 200 rows completed.  The tables are 4' x 8'.  Great job Marilou!  We are proud of you!


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