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Extra Fine & Fine Gauge Sock Looms

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What is a Fixed Loom?
The fixed looms are the only ones that are not gauge adjustable.  In order to get the small gauge needed for sock yarns the pegs and pins must be on the same board.  The Kiss fixed fine gauge looms are our smallest gauge looms. 

There are three types of fixed looms - fixed 0, fixed 1 and fixed 2.  The fixed 0 is the smallest gauge you can get on a Kiss Loom and averages 7 st per 1".  The fixed 1 is slightly larger and averages 6 st per 1".  The fixed 2 is a slightly larger gauge still and bridges the gap between the fixed 1 and small gauge looms.  The F1 and F2 have the pins like the adjustable Kiss Looms so you can use the continuous u-stitch and continuous purl stitch. The F0 does not have pins so that we can get the 3/16" center to center gauge.

These loom packages come with 2 sides and 2 (3) peg ends. We also have available 7 and 31 peg ends for both the fixed 1 and 2 looms for those that prefer a larger opening in the center of their looms or just need more pegs for their projects.

Please note this loom does not come with printed instructions.  You can take a look at our sock worksheet by Robin McCoy - it will give you instructions on how to make the perfect fitting sock for your foot!  Click here!!!

altRemember fine gauge looms can be used for more than just socks! Consider doing lace work on these, or even use a cotton yarn like Sugar \'n Cream on the fixed 2 for a nice thick potholder. The possibilities are endless! The Fixed 2 comes in a 7" short version as well as our standard 11" length. The short loom has a min of 38 pegs and a max of 106 pegs with the 35 peg ends. The 11" loom has a min of 76 pegs and and a max of 144 pegs using the 35 peg ends. Here are some ideas to get you started - table runners, pot holders, blanket squares, shawls, wash cloths, and of course let\'s not forget about socks!

As you can see from the photo below the Fixed 1 loom has the pins in line with one edge of the pegs.  The Fixed 2 pin sits slightly outside the edge of the peg.


If the fine gauge loom will be your first Kiss Loom, we highly recommend starting with a larger gauge loom so that you can get used to the wrapping technique before using the fixed gauge looms.  Examples of our larger gauge looms include the 2 way adjustable looms or the modular looms.  Please note it is quite a jump to go from the Knifty Knitters to the Kiss fixed looms. It takes, most of us, a while to get used to working on a fine gauge, and if you add to that learning a different way to wrap, it could be overwhelming.  Please let us know if you have any questions - we\'d be happy to help.


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